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Politics, Money, Sex, and everything in between... A top 40 rated, conservative commentary podcast with thousands of new fans who voted it "The best new podcast in America". Imagine Rush, meet Dave Ramsey, meet Howard Stern. "I express my opinions about political and social matters and my views about finance, sex, and relationships. I am a conservative with a libertarian streak, and some liberal views. I have strong uncompromising opinions, and I will not bow down to political correctness, or to the perpetually offended". Enjoy the show... and please subscribe, and share. Follow us on Twitter: @ajsteelshow and Facebook: @RealAJSteelShow

Recent Episodes

I went to an incredible Trump rally & to my big surprise, he wasn't the best thing there. October 19, 2020 Episode artwork Breitbart's Allum Bokhari tells AJ Steel all about big tech's relentless war on Donald Trump & populism. September 26, 2020 Episode artwork I was attacked by Antifa/BLM. Is it time to fight fire with fire? September 25, 2020 Episode artwork Charming, Funny, and Dead Serious About Trump! Mrinalini Kumari, co-chair of Indian voices for Trump.September 24, 2020 Episode artwork Juanita Broaddrick sets the record straight. From Bill & Hillary to MeToo & Trump. Explosive new information! August 16, 2020 Episode artwork George Floyd is no hero! Also: Why are ANTIFA, BLM, & the media all in to destroy America.July 05, 2020 Episode artwork DeAnna Lorraine: Feminism killed America! A conservative superstar talks about Marxism, religion, Nancy Pelosi, & Donald Trump.July 02, 2020 Episode artwork Snitches get rewards! Coronavirus, Globalism, and the loss of our constitutional rights. April 24, 2020 Episode artwork Surviving Coronavirus: Facts & Hope! Also, the doom and gloom, media, why?April 07, 2020 Episode artwork China is the enemy! How Coronavirus exposed the looming danger, & how we can win. April 05, 2020 Episode artwork Islam fighting, Harley riding, Holocaust survivor Ram Lubranicki. (Interview)April 04, 2020 Episode artwork How to become a millionaire, is college a scam for dummies?April 03, 2020 Episode artwork Iran, the truth! An interview with an American Christian woman working to free Iran from radical Islam.April 01, 2020 Episode artwork How I became the #1 racist in America! An interview with a hard working, decent white man who nearly lost everything over a Facebook post. March 25, 2020 Episode artwork Drag queen bible class, liberal bully teachers, and a brave Christian girl. March 11, 2020 Episode artwork Islam, the end of America as we know it? A study of radical Muslims in the west. March 10, 2020 Episode artwork Antisemitism back in vogue in liberal New York. An interview with an Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn.January 07, 2020 Episode artwork Illegal immigration solutions. Liberal Jews who support anti Semites, are they still Jewish?January 06, 2020 Episode artwork White, middle class rebels looking for a cause, and the ultimate marriage manual/marital adviceJanuary 06, 2020 Episode artwork Michael Johns: Tea Party Co-founder & presidential aide. Can America be saved?January 05, 2020 Episode artwork Support Trump, go to jail! Why are the Democrats panicking? Also a fascinating profile of writer Jack London.November 19, 2019 Episode artwork Raging fires, and endless blackouts. California's failed liberalism coming to your state soon!November 07, 2019 Episode artwork The truth about the latest Donald Trump witch hunt. Political impeachment for dummies.October 03, 2019 Episode artwork Mass shooting manifesto exposed, & how to save America from more attacks.August 06, 2019 Episode artwork Two genders, that's it! & Raising great kids ultimate top ten list..June 08, 2019 Episode artwork